• Installation dimensions provided
  • USPS or Private delivery
  • ADA layouts available
  • Options for larger doors and parcel lockers
  • Options for sequential and custom engraving

Please note that the Microsoft Internet Explorer is obsolete, which means it's no longer supported and will not work properly with the 4C Mailbox Configurator. We recommend upgrading to Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge (Explorer's Replacement).

1. How many mailbox compartments do you need?
- Up to a maximum 500 mailbox compartments per elevation.
- Leave this field blank for option to create your own layout or to customize a standard unit. To Customize a Standard Unit:
1) Leave the field “How many mailbox compartments do you need?” blank and click “Next”
2) Click on the unit height you want for your custom mailbox
3) Choose a model and click on it to add to the elevation
4) Click on the “COMPONENTS (CUSTOMIZE UNITS)” tab
5) Drag a component into the desired location on the unit
6) Component can only be dragged and placed onto the portion of the unit that lights up in green
7) For additional customization options, please select “Private Delivery"
2. Will the U.S. Postal Service or a Private Individual be delivering the mail?
3. Select your installation type:
4. Would you like your mailboxes to be Front loading or Rear loading?
(Rear loading available for recessed mounted 3700 series mailboxes only)
5. Does your installation need to meet any ADA Requirements?
Learn more about ADA Accessibility Compliance Guidelines
6. Would you like to include parcel lockers to handle oversized
packages for your mailbox installation? The USPS requires
one parcel locker for every five (5) mailbox compartments
(not applicable for private delivery).
7. What color do you want
your mailboxes to be?
Click to view all available custom colors for 4C Horizontal Mailboxes.